Effective Client Technology B2B and B2C


Format:1 day from 10.00 to 17.00. A group of no more than 15 people.
Individual approach.
Price & discounts: 990 USD. for 1 person, 5% - 2 participants from the same company, 10% of 3-5 participants from the same company, 12% are students and alumni of KROK Business School.
The price includes: all materials, inscribed certificates of participation, coffee breaks.



This seminar will be useful for:

  • Business, building long-term relationships with clients; 
  • Executives and managers of companies, the management of which is based on client-oriented approach;
  • All who are interested in the platform build mutually beneficial relationships in the system "client-business partnership". 

Customers are the company's greatest value, source of income and its growth potential! Customer-oriented approach in business - not just a fashionable trend, but also a strategic necessity. Often perfectly harmonious mechanism of management of the company "glitches" due to the lack of concentration executives and managers not only to the individual aspects of customer service and to build an integrated system of quality management. In order to influence the situation, developed the workshop "Effective Client Technology B2B and B2C" aimed at communication skills with clients, using technology to interact with different segments and key customers, building management system, quality of service, application client-oriented approach in business. 

Knowledge and skills

  • To understand. Who are your customers; How to establish a constant flow generation customers and converting them into loya; How to develop quantitative and qualitative standards of service; How to build a customer-oriented service system.
  • To analyze. «The portrait of the ideal customer»; Basic aspects of quality of service for your business; Key indicators of the quality of customer service and the mechanism of their monitoring; Approaches relations with different groups of clients.
  • To choose.  The most valuable customers; service Technologies in B2B and B2C; Technologies customer service at different stages of their life cycle; system management quality of service.
  • To use. Practical skills for the formation and improvement of the quality management system customer service; Motivational scheme for evaluating the effectiveness of quality customer service.

The results for participants

1 day immersion in the fascinating field of management of human relations. Role and business games, case studies, group discussions, moderation, tests.

Learning materials.Handouts, interesting articles and electronic reports into client-oriented approach in business, lead generation in B2B and B2C, standardization of customer service, building management system quality of service tests.

Practical tips and expert advice.An experienced professional will help to develop technology for the formation of skills:

  • build effective partner relationships with clients;
  • adaptation of differentiated technologies to interact with individual segments;
  • lead generation;
  • standardization of service;
  • build and implementation of the quality management system of customer service.

Individual approach to creating effective client technologies for business - developing effective client technologies for business.  Each participant will have the opportunity to test their ability to form an effective system of quality of service and the organization of work with different groups of customers .

Certificate of KROK Business Schools

Details of the program

"Effective Client Technology B2B and B2C"
Time workshop - 10.00-17.00

  • Practical Task. Getting to know the participants, trainers and training program. Introduction. Actualization. The psychology of perception of customer service quality matrix "wait-pleasure". "Reference point" and the attributes of quality customer service in companies of different business segments.
  • Practical Exercise. Lead generation in the context of the formation of a constant flow of customersї.  Components of the quality of customer service and the mechanism of its applicationї. Developing an algorithm of customer service based on its key characteristics and type of business.
  • Individual Task. Selection of optimal quality management system maintenance and establishment of a mechanism for its implementation. Monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of customer service. Building a system of quality management of customer service.



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