Customer service generating income


Duration: 2 days | 16 hours. Dates: October 27 - 28, 2018

Trainer Oksana Vereskun, BSK business coach, founder and president of OKSVER Trainings, a certified trainer, author and presenter of several trainings on customer service and customer experience.

Target audience: business owners, managers, specialists wishing to familiarize themselves with the principles of building a service strategy and forming a client-oriented team.

Relevance of the seminar: today is already yesterday. The client today is more important than the service or product. If earlier a dissatisfied customer simply left the company, and the company could attract a dozen of new ones at the expense of advertising, now the dissatisfied client will not simply leave the company, he will share negative experience of interaction with your company to thousands of people through using social networks and the Internet. And client will do that immediately. That is why, today it is important not just to write slogans about the importance of customers for your company, but also to work on a strategy and steps to create a customer service that will become a competitive advantage and generator of your income.

Upon completion of the seminar You will be able to:

  • Understand how much the loss of one client costs and how to avoid it
  • Generate revenues and reduce customer outflow by implementing a client service
  • Understand what a loyal customer is and how to determine the degree of loyalty to your company
  • Understand who our client is and the importance of defining the target audience
  • To study tools for determining customer expectations "wearing customer shoes"
  • Learn to build Customer Journey Mapping for your company
  • Formulate service standards for your company
  • Build a client-oriented, professional team



Main topic

Focus on

The role of the Client Service for the company

  • Interdependence of concepts of competition and customer service:
  • Outflow of customers and lost profits because of imperfect client service
  • Service as a competitive advantage

Determine the portrait of clients and their customer loyalty to the company

  • Segmentation and drawing of a portrait of the CA
  • Methods of assessing consumer loyalty.
  • Methods of Measuring Consumer Loyalty Index.
  • Tools and methods for increasing consumer loyalty.

Building a Custom Way: Customer Journey Map (CJM)

  • What is CJM and its relevance for building a service strategy?
  • How to configure CJM.
  • Examples of building a JMS by leading global companies.
  • service standards

Types of Service Standards.

  • The sequence of actions when implementing the Service Standards.
  • Adjustment of the control processes for the implementation of the Service standards: "external and internal control, the creation of check-lists, the method" The secret buyer ".

Principles of building a client-oriented team

  • Building a model of competencies of the employee providing the service.
  • Principles of material and non-material motivation of employees who carry out the service.
  • Duties, evaluation criteria, regularity of control.

Cost: UAH 5500 , VAT is not included