1. I have a dream - to create a cool team. There was a time when the director was a different person, and I was a senior consultant with the whole team we were very friendly. Now I am a Director. My role has changed and behavior accordingly. But the team surprised. Why I suddenly changed my attitude towards them. I am very hard to establish new boundaries do not want to be a "persecutor". But what if you sometimes need to show their power, inveigh, specify ... Help!

Sincerely, Violet,
director of massage salon equipment

Thank you for your question! The fact that certain roles and behaviors we copy from the environment in which educated. I think you, like everyone, are often caught myself on the fact that say or do as your parents, teachers, leaders and other prominent people. Surroundings shapes us 50%. Now you come to understand that the old model and management styles do not work, they cannot create a dream team. And that's fine, then it's time a new round of growth.
Look for examples of successful managers who are most similar to the image that you are looking for whoever you want to be.
As for the new role and new boundaries in relationships with subordinates - a matter of patience and perseverance in their stated positions. In our training with emotional leadership skills we teach the head to keep the balance between support and discipline. What clearer and clearer to subordinate its functional responsibilities - the easier it is for him to be the head of "friend." 

2. Inevitably, there comes a time when subordinates grow professionally. This happened with my two colleagues. The first thing I felt - it is fear. I understand that my former work style is not effective. I changed behavior in a partner, has become more and more boldly delegate to consult them, but tension remains. How to split the ice and keep subordinates in the team?

a partner agency recruiting senior 

The first thing to do - to understand, so the slave has grown in some areas he understands better than you. Once this idea was realized - fear can be controlled. Note the scales, which is better - to the officer stayed and worked there, or that it was not? What are the implications of both options? If the thought that he was becoming ill - is the limit of your competence, it may go. If, despite the painful situation, you are ready to leave a zone of your growth. Only a strong leader - a strong team. The main thing - be yourself and do things, what you can be truly successful.

3.  For two years I did not leave feeling completely immersed in the work to such an extent that come up back just is not enough strength and I can get stuck in a state of extreme congestion long. This beloved and chosen my activity stops being fun and is the responsibility of the eternal hope for vacation

director of corporate sales.

 You are trapped emotional burnout, which could adversely affect the relationship with your family and health. Here are simple rules that should be followed to save power. First - to study and observe yourself, look at a picture of what happens to the hand, "with the audience rather than on stage." Second - to be able to recognize your emotions, give them names, then at rest put them on shelves not needed. Do not allow yourself peak emotions at work, "Professionalism - this is enough emotion, not the peak." Third - always carry a quick recipe for a return to reality. This may be patting themselves on the body and awareness of themselves here and now, or simple questions such as: "Have I bought cheese to my children?"