Workshop: "Who sewed clothes?" 03.03.2015

Date, time and place

The program of event


March 3, 2015,

from 18:30 to 20:00

BSK, University KROK, of. 246, second floor, 30-32, Lagerna St., Kyiv


Workshop: "Who sewed clothes?"

What has to be Marketing? Aggressive? Lazy? Guerrilla? Word of mouth? Extreme? Drip? Digital? - Marketing should be simple and profitable! So, unusual and high-tech.


Admission is free. Pre-registration is required. 


Do we understand that marketing in today's business technology should be considered as Making Money?
Is it always in the proposal is the choice of marketing for customer value?
As marketing embodies values in a product or service?
What is the most appropriate and convenient way to transfer value to the client?
This and more will talk to the workshop "Who sewed clothes?" of famous professional in marketing Tamara Dziuba, BSK business trainer.

We expect to see those:

  •     responsible for the success and profitability of marketing,
  •     wants to get more with less effort
  •     prepared for careers in marketing,
  •     seeks first to know about new products and marketing to implement them,

  •     want to build your own professional brand. 

Participants will also receive information about the new program BSK «Technology valuable marketing", specially designed for those who want to work successfully both B2C and B2B markets on; and seeks to optimize its operations to attract and retain customers and revenue. This and many other things, you will learn to master classes BSK