Workshop “Creativity - Management - Digitalization”

April 15, 2020 15:00 - 16:00

Game Facilitator - Alexander Podedezhny

Instructor of the KROK Business School. Combines teaching with company management. He has a wide experience of more than 20 years in large international companies - TetraPak, Elopak, Manuli Group, GEA Group and others in senior positions. Alexander successfully implemented management projects in various sectors of the economy - banking, investment, production, logistics, agrarian, engineering. He worked several years abroad, collaborated with leading European and American companies. He actively advises small and medium-sized enterprises in manufacturing, agriculture and other industries. He has key competencies and expertise in areas such as business reorganization, crisis management, combining different business segments, building a B2B sales system, creating a national dealer network. He holds an MBA qualification from New Brunswick University, Canada. Successfully completed the certification course "Business management" at IMD Business School (Lausanne, Switzerland).


  1. Teach rationality to communicate creative ideas correctly
  2. Show tools that translate a bright, tempting idea into a goal
  3. Achieve a balance in business: on the one hand, fulfill operational goals and objectives, and on the other hand, introduce creative ideas for business development.

Short description

Management of the company and its sustainable development requires a clear and understandable setting of goals and objectives, the formation of the strategy and tactics of the company. Employees and company management must adhere to agreed rules and together move in the same direction. Very often, this turns into a routine process in which there is a lack of creativity. Or, there is a lot of creativity, but ideas are not taken seriously and are not supported.

Business often requires new perspectives and the search for new non-standard solutions to problems. So a contradiction arises: how to strategically develop a business and at the same time give the opportunity to be born new creative ideas that will only strengthen it?

CROC Business School and Alexander Podedezhny invites you to test your strategic creative thinking skills in a business game.

As a result of participation in the business game, the participants:

  1. Understand the difference between operational and strategic management
  2. They will see the impact and interconnection of creativity, operational and strategic activities
  3. Understand when it is advisable to be creative in company management.

Where can this knowledge and skills be applied?

  1. When managing a company (operational and strategic management).
  2. When presenting new creative ideas for business development.