Workshop "Creative Thinking in Business"

The group is formed

The creative thinking development is one of the key personality abilities to generate many innovative viable solutions to business problems.

The relevance of the workshop is due to the fact that creativity today is among the Top-10 most necessary skills of a professional (according to the World Economic Forum).

The value of this workshop is that it is created on the basis of selected and adapted technologies of creative thinking specifically for business needs.

During the workshop participants will be able to transform non-productive strategies of their thinking into productive ones and learn the working methods of creativity.

Each participant will fall into the atmosphere of creative coworking and will have the opportunity to work out at least one of his ideas, a business task or a project right during the workshop, and after the seminar will receive several solutions.

For whom this workshop:

for managers, top managers, key specialists, heads of innovation and development departments of all business areas.

The purpose of the workshop:

  • give participants step-by-step algorithms of the best technologies of creative thinking
  • teach to use technologies of creative thinking in professional activity
  • get working tools to solve business problems and real solutions

The result is a set of ready-made ideas and solutions on the individual topic of each participant; a map of creative techniques for use in the professional activities.

By taking part in the workshop, you:

  • realize your barriers of creativity, unproductive thinking strategies and transform them into productive ones
  • clearly understand the mechanisms of creative thinking
  • learn the best 10 methods of generating ideas
  • begin to generate a maximum of unique ideas
  • get working tools for effective business creativity in practice in accordance with your field of business
  • will understand how to find a way out of any crisis situation
  • skillfully organize creative strategic sessions and become a creative leader
  • become an innovator, able to change your organization and the world for the better
  • directly during the seminar, you will find new ideas on your topic. 

Author and moderator:

Oksana Sedashova, Ph.D., business coach, psychologist, NLP-Practitioner, an expert in the field of intellectual and creative personal development, a specialist with more than 20 years of experience in the field of creative thinking.

Group size: from 6 to 14 participants.

Format and duration: 1 day intensive from 10:00 to 18:00.

Workshop Program

10.00 - 11.30

  • Creativity and its importance for business.
  • Setting goals. Formation of the Innovator identity.
  • Inertia of thinking: persuasion in relation to the creative process
  • and its results; barriers, stereotypes.
  • Features of the brain. Formation of readiness for creativity.

11.30 - 11.45


11.45 - 13.15

  • How creative thinking works: stages and patterns.
  • Refinement of the definition of creativity
  • How does the creative work: the phases and patterns.
  • Matrix "Classification of methods for ideas generating ".
  • Features and secrets for effective ways of ideas generating.

13.15 - 14.00

Break for lunch

14.00 - 15.30

  • Methods of ideas generating for business.
  • Brainstorming and its modifications.
  • Methods of creativity working with changing parameters.
  • "The method of inversion." "Method of focal objects".
  • Design thinking of the leaders.

15.30 - 15.45


15.45 - 17.45

  • Methods of organizing a collective creative sessions.
  • Motivation and creativity: how to involve and guide.
  • "The Walt Disney Method." " Edward de Bono's 6 thinking hats ".
  • "The Stravinsky Effect". "Creative tennis".
  • Creative mapping.

The fee of participation: 2800 grn.

The fee of participation is reduced to 2500 UAH with the following conditions:

  • with the participation of two or more employees from one company;
  • for graduates of diploma and modular programs BSK

Payment options for participation:

  • On-line on system Easy Pay,
  • in cash
  • non-cash payment - we will expose bill for participation.

Included in the price:

a set of handouts, coffee breaks, participation certificate, administrative support