Webinar: Project management - Priorities without acceleration

Date: February 18, 2021 Hour: 16:00

Format: online

The main element of the company's success is the design management of the clear in advance of the plan, of the minimization of the risks and of the development of the plan.

Project management is the key to resolving the problems associated with conflicts of goals, priorities, terms, characteristics, resources and reliability in the minds of complex robots.

On the webinar, you can learn about the importance of the male right next to the area to the management in business, in the middle of the main food:

  • What about project management?

  • Scho gives project management to business

  • Methodology: from waterfall to iteration

Spiker: Andriy Koreyba. Requests for vicladach Business School KROK. Pratsyu Head of PM at CAPS Consulting, MBA of Business community school, Head of PM School LITS.

Andriy has more than 18 years of management advice in international and Ukrainian companies, as well as more than 10 years of advice in consulting. Sered clientele of Andriya such companies, yak 1 + 1 media group, MAU, Galnaftogaz, Rudolfinahause, Raiffeisen Bank International, Template Monster, and a lot of them. Win makchimaliy advises the strategic and project management victories for small groups of clients.

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