We develop the human capital of the IT industry in Ukraine

Within 7 months, the team of BSK’s business trainers was involved in the implementation of the project "Development of managerial skills for project managers and teamleads" for GlobalLogic company. Training took place in 4 locations of the company - Kiev, Lviv, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv. For each group, was developed its own training program consisted of 7 modules, based on the needs, comments and tasks of the customer.

Participants of the program considered, studied and discussed topics related to conflict management, dealing with toxic and complex people, sales-how to sell themselves and the company (coach Ludmila Ganetska), communications and team building (coach Natalia Kalinina), stress management (coach Lydmila Melnik), situational leadership (coach Elena Kovalchuk), risk management and business process reengineering (coach Elena Danchenko), project management (coach Vladimir Samoylenko). In addition to working with the trainers in the classroom, the participants performed homework between the modules, passed tests, worked with cases, read articles, watched video cases with subsequent analysis.

It  should be noted that we are learning from our customers, we will learn the specifics of the IT industry in order to better understand people, their needs and problem areas. For our trainers it was a very interesting experience, although they work with a similar audience on the MBA IT program, but it's completely different, as it turned out! And in each location GlobalLogic similar topics were perceived by the participants in different ways.

The team of trainers is sincerely grateful to GlobalLogic for new opportunities and wonderful experience! We do not say goodbye, but we say until new meetings in the audience and thank you for trust.

We want to share comments from the customer:

"Olga, good afternoon!

Thank you and your instructors for the valuable experience and knowledge that you shared with us! We will now translate into real results and in the improvement of projects!

Thank you also for the highest degree of client-orientation and, as Julia said, for your ability to be flexible and to hear needs.

Have success in current and new projects and even more "right" customers!

And in the future we will be glad to the new cooperation! "

 Olesya Tulunkina, Manager, People Development, GlobalLogic

"I was very pleased to work with you. Concerning the results of the program:

1. Colleagues, had the desire to learn - just got useful knowledge that will be useful to them in their work.

Unfortunately, there were some people who critically perceive any comments on their account, so they did not understand the purpose of the training.

2. Content on 90% corresponded to expectations, but what we wanted to improve, we actually worked already with the coach (as in the situation with conflict situations, etc.).

The trainers reacted immediately to the comments, so we are sincerely grateful for it

So once again many thanks and awaiting a new meetings. Yours faithfully,"

Marichka Oliynyk, Training Coordinator, GlobalLogic, Lviv