Visual management tools at KROK Business School

On April 4, the business breakfast on the topic "Lean and visual management. Visual Workplace Workshop" was held at KROK Business School. The event was attended by employees of industrial and construction companies of Ukraine.

Participants learned why an employee better perceives and understands visual instructions, rather than textual ones. "If you don't see, you don't know," it is on this principle visual management is based, which is an extensive and integral part of Lean.

In the Workshop format, those present together with the trainer Roman Romantsov discussed a number of topical issues of Lean and visual management:

  • What and why to visualize in the enterprise?
  • What visual control technologies are used in Lean-manufacturing?
  • How to make metrics stimulate action?
  • How to organize visual inspection?
  • Rules for the creation and design of the Visual Management Board

In addition, the participants completed several practical tasks on the development and implementation of the principles of visual management in the enterprise.

We invite you to explore these and other issues more deeply on the Lean IIBLC certification program for the Green Belt level, starts on April 26.