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The overwhelming number of startups in the world is dying due to one simple reason - lack of understanding of the very principle of creating a startup. As a result - time spent and money in vain.

A group of ex-consultants from top consulting companies and an MBA degree from leading business schools in the world conducted a startup culture survey in Ukraine and came to disappointing results - the vast majority of entrepreneurs do not have a clear understanding of how to develop a new project. At the same time, investors willing to invest in startups cannot find worthy candidates for their investor appetites. Existing accelerators and incubators offer start-ups assistance in creating a presentation a la "How to please a potential investor." But this does not lead to the creation or verification of a business model for those startups who are still at the very beginning.

In the 90s, Steve Blank proposed a methodology for building startups based on the business model of Alexander Osterwald, which proved itself in building large companies from scratch.

According to the result of the study, the problem became obvious - there is no world-class program that will teach entrepreneurs how to create a startup. The idea to create such an accelerator was supported by several private investors.

BSK, in collaboration with leading experts of the startup market, has developed "StartUp Basics", a special accelerator program. The main idea of ​​the "StartUp Basics" program is to provide assistance to entrepreneurs interested in developing their ideas and start-up projects. We can confidently say that now in Ukraine there is a system toolkit that allows you to minimize errors and problems at the initial level of development of a startup. The new accelerator - the program "StartUp Basics -Bright Minds" includes:

  • Proven Startup Creation Methodology
  • Examination of leading strategic consultants
  • Budget for investing in startups until the end of the year

If the first two competencies will be received by startups that have passed a certain selection, then only those projects that will demonstrate the ability to develop a business model during the training at "StartUp Basics -Bright Minds" to develop a business model will receive investments. translated into a cash equivalent, is equal to the sum from 40,000 to 100,000 US dollars, which no startup can afford.

Consultation on the terms of recruitment and the learning process is scheduled for September 2, 2015. Beginning at 18.30. Detailed information about the program on the BSK website. The number of places in the group is limited.

We recommend that start-up teams not to miss the opportunity.

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