Training "Using Digital Tools to Promote and Sell Insurance Services" for IC INGO

We live in 2027. This is the conclusion reached by McKinsey researchers based on the results of a global study of the development of technologies and applications, conducted in 2021. Covid and its consequences were the explosion that accelerated the rapid development of Internet technologies and, most importantly, their use by most business segments in the world. Ukraine is in this global trend.

When the local Ukrainian business is interested in the development and implementation of the hottest technologies in their business processes, it inspires, therefore we are happy that the leader of the Ukrainian insurance market - IC INGO, represented by Svetlana Plyusnina and Ella Ermolenko, chose KROK Business School for training its agents and conducting training "Using Digital Tools for the Promotion and Sale of Insurance Services." We are grateful that KROK Business School was invited as an educational partner and Alexander Grukhal, Instructor of KROK Business School was the coach of this event. On December 11, 2021 was very cool to work with such an open and active audience of 24 motivated and experienced professionals!

Knowledge and skills that open up new opportunities for business are what we at the KROC Business School consider the most valuable resource that we are ready to share with Ukrainian entrepreneurs. We never stop because life is the process on continuous development. Stay tuned for announcements and posts - because in 2022 we will go with updated existing and new programs, the practicality of which will undoubtedly be appreciated by business representatives.

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