Training “How to say “NO” in negotiations?” at "Hugs" Volunteer Center in Larnaca, Cyprus

On November 23, 2022, Victoria Polishchuk, Head of the International Mediation Center of the KROK Business School, conducted a training at "Hugs" Volunteer Center in Larnaca, Cyprus.

More than 25 people took part in the training and worked on the topic “How to say “NO” in negotiations?”

All participants understood that compromise destroys negotiations and sometimes does not satisfy interests and needs. How we say “NO” to others is often critical to how we communicate. Respect is the main secret of negotiations. At the same time, respect is not submission. Our “NO” is our right and it is up to each of us to decide whether to say it or not.

During the 3-hour training, the participants completed practical tasks and learned to recognize the manipulations of other people, and also learned to realize how to feel better in any communication with people.