Top-Level PR training for communications professionals of NPP

March 30-31, 2017 BSK acted as the provider of the corporate training "Effective Communication with the Media and the Public in Nuclear Energy" for the heads and employees of the information and public relations departments of the Ukrainian NPPs of the State Enterprise "NAYEK" Energoatom ". The initiator of the training is a public organization "Ukrainian Nuclear Partnership (UkrYAT)", whose members are such companies as Energoatom, Eastern Mining and Processing Enterprise, Atomremontservice and others.

15 participants who came to Kiev from different regions of Ukraine considered issues related to the strategic role of communications, stakeholders, channels and tools of communication, changes in the work of the PR man, caused by the introduction of the Internet and digitalization, the system of internal communications and their influence on the corporate culture of the organization, during crisis situations, ways of solving crisis situations.

In the lecture hall were working and sharing their rich professional experience very famous in the market of communications such as a real PR-professional Irina Zolotarevich, the director of PR & GR practice of AGAMA Communications, Evgeni Proskulikov, the main consultant on strategy in the field of PR & GR Services of GROU, Elena Plakhova, the director for corporate communications of the company CORUM Group and Danila Lavrenov, Deputy Director of the Center for External Information Communications of NAEK Energoatom.

Participants and coaches enjoyed the joint active and effective work! We do not say goodbye and are waiting for new meetings in the classroom. Thank you so much for your trust.

Photo report can be downloaded here