"The Art of Science of Growth" corporate training program for “Gentherm Ukraine"

KROK Business School on 21-22 December 2018 implemented a corporate training program on the topic "The Art of Science of Growth" for the team of managers of the company " Gentherm Ukraine" in the city of Vinogradiv, Zakarpattia region.

The training program was conducted by Olena Khomenko, business coach , BSK visiting professor, lecturer at Cestar College of Business, Health and Technology, Canada. Participants learned how to recognize and overcome individual and team barriers in decision-making; they were able to work through group work on real approaches to how to make decisions in a challenging and changing environment and received recommendations for developing an individual plan for further development of decision-making skills.

"I want to express the gratitude to Olena for conducting this training, for revealing the topic and achieving the goals of corporate program. It was extremely enjoyable to meet such a professional trainer! I hope Olena was also pleased to work with our team and I have seen how my colleagues "unfolded" during the training. I will be looking forward to working with KROK Business School and personally with Olena in 2019! "- Oksana Vashchuk, Project Management Department Manager

BSK Team express our thanks to Gentherm Ukraine for trust, and selection of KROK Business School as a program provider, for cooperation, and we look forward to implementing up-to-date and useful projects in the future!