The 2nd set of the mediation program has started

The second set of the Master's program "Mediation and Conflict Management" has started at the CROC Business School. Step by step, mediation in Ukraine is becoming a procedure that is trusted more and more. That is why a profession that presupposes mastery of the art of dialogue and the ability to bring the parties to agreement has every chance of becoming in demand and highly paid.

Among those who understood the prospects for the establishment of mediation in Ukraine and saw new opportunities for their professional growth are lawyers, HR-s and representatives of the education sector. Newly minted undergraduates expect 1.5 years of full immersion in mediation, practice-oriented research from different angles, and becoming a professional mediator. Simulations, participation in discussions, project groups, conferences and competitions, scientific work, practice and writing a diploma project are waiting for undergraduates - real training organized according to European standards, focused on acquiring the skills of a mediator.

The Master in Mediation and Conflict Management is one of the few programs in Ukraine that allows you to obtain a state master's degree in mediation. The implementation of the program became possible thanks to the participation of the KROK University and the KROK Business School in the international project with the support of the European Union ERASMUS + MEDIATS.

That is why the program employs highly qualified mediation teachers who have been trained according to the standards of the Netherlands Business Academy in Latvia and Spain, many of them are practicing expert mediators of various specializations.

We invite you to join the program so as not to waste time and not wait for recruitment for the 3rd stream of the program, but acquire a profession that will strengthen your professional skills many times over and open up new horizons for growth.

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