Credit Agricole Ukraine School of Management was launched

On May 1-2, 2024, the 6-month long training program "Managerial School" for managers and employees of Credit Agricole Bank Ukraine began at the KROK Business School. Carlos de Cordu, Chairman of the Board of Credit Agricole Ukraine, Olena Urusova, HRD, Olga Karpova, CEO of KROK Business School congratulated the 28 participants of the Managerial  School on the start of their studies. Mr. Carlos de Cordu emphasized the importance of developing management , soft  skills and knowledge for bank employees, as well as the fact that banking is not only about finances, it is about responsibility, influence and leadership.

The curriculum is comprehensive, it includes two-day offline modules, webinars, online meetings with business trainers and guest speakers. At the first two-day module, program participants, together with trainer Oksana Sedashova, mastered the topic "Self-management: how not to burn out and manage a team. Resource recovery and self-motivation." The training took place in a positive mood, the participants are determined to gain new useful knowledge and develop skills, active participation and cooperation.

KROK Business School expresses its gratitude to the management of Credit Agricole Bank Ukraine for the trust in choosing the provider of the Managerial School  training program for the development of a new generation of trained employees. We wish success to all participants of the School of Management program!

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