Soft Skills: Attendees of of the master class have developed a personal growth plan for 2019.

On Saturday, January 19, 2019, Oksana Sedashova, a business coach and BSK lecturer, held a master class at BSK devoted Soft Skills Development.

Now it's no secret to anyone that the world has changed. And we are changing with it. For us, it is no longer a miracle to use the various devices or artificial intelligence tools that prepares or brings, for example, dinner, since the time has come for the IV Industrial Revolution, and it is not a joke.

We need to change our way of thinking to get prepared for life in the new environment. It is not productively to think linearly. We need to understand that the very creative approach will yield really effective results.

Only managers and executives who are developing professionally all the time, and are able to communicate with their team, and are not afraid to solve all business problems - they will get maximum success in achieving the goals and performance of the tasks facing the companies.

Soft skills development on the permanent basis is the necessity of present time.

The point is that if you do not care about your own effectiveness and you do not learn then you'll surely lose.

It's so important now to participate in various trainings and master classes where you will be able to see the world from the new side. Doing in that way you find out a lot of new helpful information and meet open-minded people. That was exactly what our event was. We believe that participants of the event were impressed by professional speaker, a pleasant atmosphere plus and opportunity to create an action plan for achieving goals and dreams for the whole next year during the event.

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