Price advantage - pricing workshop for managers

Price has a decisive impact on the company's profits, however, many approaches in setting prices and discounts continue to rely on intuitive and emotional management decisions. Companies that implement effective pricing strategies are more stable and create long-term value not only for shareholders, but also seek customer loyalty.

As part of the workshop, students will learn about both routine and innovative pricing strategies. In addition, the workshop deals with such important concepts as price perception, price positioning, and the effectiveness of promotional prices. With the help of practical exercises and case study, participants will be able to master the basic skills of pricing that can be applied in their business.

Date: April, 20, 2019. Time: 11:00 - 16:00. Adress: Tabirna str., 30-32

About lecturer. Danylo Vakhovsky, Uklon Service Marketing Director.

15 years of practical experience in marketing and corporate communications in managerial positions in large Ukrainian companies - COMFY, Nova Poshta, Ukrainian Railway, UMH. Since 2016 - occupies the position of Director of Marketing Service Uklon. The company during this time spent rebranding and continues to grow rapidly in a highly competitive market. Uklon has a unique dynamic pricing model that helps meet peak demand. Daniel attended MBA programs at KSE, CIPR at IIB and BA at CROC University, and also completed CRM and strategic marketing certificate courses.

Topics of the workshop - up to 4 academic hours:

  • The role of pricing in the company's success
  • Pricing Economics
  • Pricing strategies
  • Price positioning
  • Competitive pricing
  • Innovation pricing in various business models
  • Price and Value Communication
  • Buyer price perception
  • Pricing in the product matrix
  • Flexible pricing strategies

Practical exercises:

  • 4 basic individual classroom exercises
  • Case: coffee house pricing

Participation price: 200 UAH. BSK alumni - free.