One day in the life of the 14th Mini-MBA group

On April 8, the regular module of the Mini-MBA program "Managing People - Tools of Motivation" was held. Saturday intensive class started with a discussion on the life cycle of organizations and its models. The participants actively discussed the level of maturity of the organizations whose employees they are and were looking for the answer to the question "Why is the organization at this stage of development? "Then followed the consideration of the topic "HR system" and questions of organizational culture of the company, HR processes, the role and responsibility of line managers in the company's personnel management system. Practical exercises helped to formulate proposals for compensation and benefits for employees working in positions such as sales director, sales representative, trainer.

No less interesting was the second half of the day, participants in detail disassembled a "live" case study, created on the basis of the real situation of staff reduction in one of the major international companies operating in the Ukrainian market. It should be noted that the author's case, prepared directly by the module teacher Natalia Kurdes.

We are grateful to Natalia for holding such a busy and interesting day!

We are looking forward to the next module "Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness" with Lyudmila Hanecka, which will be held on the 22 of April.

We remind you that at the present time the recruitment to the 15th anniversary evening group Mini-MBA is continuing. The beginning of classes is going to be on May 16!  To get more details and to register for the program, please follow the link