On September 16, 2017, the 15th anniversary Mini-MBA group of students started the program

On September 16, 2017, BSK  15th  anniversary  Mini-MBA  group of students began its journey to further self-realization and professional development. During the first module, the participants gained knowledge and received useful information about the legal environment for doing business delivered by instructors Victoria Polischuk and Julia Golik. Thanks to the instructors, Mini-MBA group of students will receive useful and up-to-date information, new knowledge and skills, and will learn to implement their ideas through group and individual work during classes, homework, final individual project preparation and professional consultations from experts.

Participants of the Mini-MBA program represent such industries as IT, manufacturing, services, industry, and others. The average age of the group is 34 years. We are grateful to the members of the Mini-MBA program for the confidence and choice of BSK as a program provider.

BSK team wishes Mini -MBA students to get a significant improvement in financial performance of companies, career growth, return on investments  in  a short time! We wish success and persistence!
16th group of students starts in February 2018!         

Recruitment has been opened!

BSK is your way to a successful and better life! Develop with us!