Morning meeting “Nomad Business Style: escape “time for money” with Irina Zolotarevich

Start at 11.00. December 8, 2018

Morning meeting on the topic "Nomad Business Style: escape "time for money" with Irina Zolotarevich

Time is money? They dispute this. They start managing projects and companies remotely. Even businesses with 7 digits. They strive to fully automate the business in order to share time and money. They consider themselves citizens of the world. Digital nomads is a trend that it is indecent to not know about.

Irina just returned from Digital Nomad Cruise - a cruise on the Atlantic from Spain to Brazil. This is not just a cruise, but 12 days of conferences on the ship. 500 digital nomads from around the world. Dozens of workshops, lectures and side events. Irina brought a lot of interesting information about the technology business and the management of remote teams.

Speaker: Irina Zolotarevich - Communication expert, public figure, author of educational programs, organizer of the World Communication Forum Davos World Forum in Kiev.

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