Module Lean IIBLC® "Striving for Perfection"

The value stream creation at KROK Business School

On November 10-11, the second module of the Lean IIBLC® Green Belt Exam Preparation Program (CGBL®) - "Value Creation Flow" was held at KROK Business School. Over the course of two days, participants learned the subtleties of theoretical material and mastered the tools in practice: designed value stream maps, modeled operations and processes, steps of introducing 5S and quick changeovers and other Lean approaches. The participants successfully coped with the instructor's task -to organize a start-up and built the complete process of fulfilling orders. This is practice-oriented educational approach, when modeling processes and mastering tools takes place to allow a deep understanding of all the subtleties associated with the implementation of Lean principles.

On November 24-25, the third module of the Program - "Striving for Perfection" will be held - and everyone might join the module.

All interested in CGBL® certification (Green Belt by Lean) IIBLC® are invited to apply for training - the next group starts on February 2, 2019. Join the community of certified Lean-experts!

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