Mediation: Ukraine - Kazahstan cooperation

KROK Business School continues to develop international cooperation in the field of mediation. On June 17, 2020, KROK Business School, Ukraine and the Parasat Mediation and Law Center, Kazakhstan, held a panel discussion on the topic “Features of online mediation”. The topic was not chosen by chance; global quarantine made its own adjustments to the practice of mediation. The key messages are whether online mediation works in Ukraine and Kazakhstan, what are the conditions for its success, in what areas it is impossible to apply and why, limitations and confidentiality issues, what tools and skills a mediator should possess when conducting mediation. The discussion was attended by representatives from KROK Business School – Olga Karpova, Director, Victoria Polishchuk, Oleg Triboy, Galina Sasin, Svetlana Stadnik, Oksana Sedashova,instructors of the Mediation and Conflict Management program, certified mediators, and mediators from all over Kazakhstan –Gulmaydan Urozbayeva, director of the Center for Mediation and Parasat rights Gulmaydan Urozbayeva, mediators Altynbek and Bibigul Ibragimovs, Katanbay Kashkenov, Saltanat Kaydarova, Aliya Kurtayeva, Oksana Shkapyak.

Representatives of KROK Business School shared their experience in teaching mediation with Kazakh colleagues in Latvia and Spain, which was made possible thanks to participation in the EU project Erasmus + MEDIATS, shared the experience of teaching students of the Master of Mediation and Conflict Management program online, and Kazakh partners shared insights on the development of mediation in Kazakhstan under quarantine.

Following the discussion, a collection of recommendations “Mediation: Kazakhstan-Ukraine” will be prepared, which will present the principles and best practices of mediators in both countries. The next panel discussion will take place in July and will focus on commercial mediation.

KROK Business School continues to gain experience in training professional mediators, developing international relations. It's time to learn from this experience, gaining the best knowledge and practical skills in the program "Master of Mediation and Conflict Management": Discounts apply. The next group began training in November 2020. More information and registration at the link: