MBA 2016 half marathon successfully completed!

On July 16, 2017, General MBA 2016 group of students completed the first year of study. Presentations of individual and group projects, meetings with guest speakers, final exams - these are MBA working days. Thus, upon finishing the course "Organizational Behavior and Leadership", the instructor and the content-leader of the course Elena Kovalchuk, MBA students presented projects on various topics: "Organizational Culture Formation", "Employee Motivation", "Personnel Involvement in Changes in Lean Implementation" and others. It is worth noting that the participation of several guest speakers from companies such as Danone-Ukraine, Perno Ricard in course was certainly very useful, guest speakers shared up-to-date information with MBA students, for example, "7 best ways to attract and retain employees of Z generation", "Value-oriented culture", "Staff selection tools", "What is transformational leadership ".

During the program module in July as part of the course "Human Resource Management, instructor of the course is Natalia Kurdes, was organized a meeting with guest speaker Natalia Nazarenko, HR Director of the STB channel on the topic "Managing staff efficiency". Questions on the matrix of personnel interchangeability, as well as reports on target functions were considered. We are grateful to Natalia for her visit to the BSK, and for a productive meeting with MBA students.

In July MBA students finished the course "International Business", the instructor Tatiana Moseychuk, presenting group projects and writing a final, individual exam. As well the projects on the course "The Strategy of Mini Habits and Healthy Lifestyle" were also presented by the students to the instructor of the course Alena Burdeynaya who is a well-known person in the area of Healthy Way of Life.

Please, find a short photo-report about the last two program modules of the first year of study from the tense MBA students' life. The BSK team congratulates General MBA students with the successful completion of the first year of the program, wishes the group to have a good rest and see you at Business School in September!