Master class "Logic VS Metaphor: alternative approaches to solving problems"

April 16, 2020 11:00 - 12:00


Olena Danylina: candidate of philological sciences, associate professor, teacher-coach, tutor, student of the "Jungian Fairytale" course, master of transformational words, Coach Stories technology trainer, writer, literary editor and critic, curator of Smart Science Lab projects

Olesya Viecka: Ph.D. in Economics, Senior Researcher, Teaching Coach, Business Trainer, Consultant, CPT +, Smart Science Lab Managing Partner


Gain knowledge about the possibilities of logical and metaphorical thinking in solving business and personal problems, learn how to solve problems through SCAMPER questions and storytelling techniques

Master class program

  1. Alternative approaches to solving problems: through logic and through a metaphor
  2. Solving the problem through SCAMPER questions
  3. Solving the problem through storytelling (storytelling)
  4. Advantages and disadvantages of alternative approaches

As a result of participation in the master class, the participants:

  1. Get 2 alternative approaches to solving problems
  2. Explore the possibilities of logical and metaphorical thinking
  3. Understand which approach is closer to them
  4. Change the habit of solving problems only logically or only intuitively
  5. Expand the palette of approaches to solving problems
  6. Look at the problem as the key to development

Where can this knowledge be applied?

  1. Everyday life
  2. HR / coaching / coaching / counseling
  3. Work / business