Managerial Effectiveness Development for New Standard Company

On April 3-4, 2019, BSK continued its fruitful cooperation with Novy Standard Company, one of the leading business tourism operators in Ukraine *, having already taken the second corporate training program for top management of the company on "Management Efficiency". The first corporate program for top management on "Effective cross-functional interaction in the TOP-team" took place from 1-2 February 2019. Both programs were developed and conducted by Oksana Demchenko, MBA, MSc, a well-known business trainer, MBA program instructor at KROK Business School, an international consultant accredited by the EBRD.

During the training participants: 

  • Learned about the core components of personal business efficiency and communication for coordinated work of highly effective teams;
  • Mastered knowledge of business behavior styles, levels and models of communication;
  • Received recommendations on how to develop agreed communication rules in a team;
  • Understand the competencies of the manager, main types and methods of planning, control;
  • Find out what a management cycle is and what is the management by objectives;
  • Studied why the feedback is needed and what reframing is;
  • Started work on their development plan and forming a bank for valuable ideas for the company.

We hope that the participants of the program have received new knowledge, valuable advices and practical recommendations from Oksana Demchenko. BSK team believes that continuation of cooperation with Novy Standart is an incentive for development, new tailor-made programs creation and good chance for improvement of the client - service. Therefore, we thank the leadership of Novy Standart for trust, we wish success and productive work to a highly effective team. We are waiting for new meetings in the classroom upcoming fall!

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*Novy Standard Company is an operator of business tourism, which is engaged in complex solution of corporate tasks related to business trips and events, both in Ukraine and abroad.