Management Psychology for Government Contact Center

The KROK Business School implemented a training program on "Psychology of Management" together with the Government Contact Center. It is gratifying to realize that more and more new teams are emerging in the public sector that strive to work using modern management best practices. The strength of these teams is in people who are open to innovation, customer-oriented and empathetic, set up for a total "win-win", and want to assert themselves only if there is mutual understanding in the team and its synergy.

This is the team that studied the "Psychology of Management" from the KROK Business School. Oksana Sedashova, a business coach, taught the heads of the Government Contact Center practical tools for people management for two days. The following topics such as the art of communication, planning, correct task setting, motivation, organization and control, managing one's emotional states, planning personal development of the manager and many others were discussed and learnt.

Corporate trainings are always effective, because they are designed taking into account the characteristics of organizations and enterprises. And teaching the public sector is an honor and a high responsibility, as the KROK Business School team feels involved in positive change in the country and contributes to the development of professionals who create the state in which we all want to live.

We hope that the knowledge and information gained will be used as efficiently as possible and will help increase productivity and a better understanding of teamwork to achieve common goals.

The KROK Business School team thanks the Government Contact Center for their trust and we wish you success and hope for further cooperation!