LEAN Green Belt cohort is growing

If you want to be competitive, learn! We are sure that the more competent, qualified specialists in the company, the greater the probability of business and economic efficiency. Our experience admits that the participants of the LEAN Green Belt program are striving for economic success based on timely and high-quality fulfillment of the needs of their customers, and on a people-oriented organizational culture where each employee realizes his value.

We sincerely welcome a new members to the cohort of graduates of the international IIBLC Green Belt certification program Students of the autumn intake successfully passed the international exams in December 2022 and confirmed their knowledge and skills at this level. Congratulations to Margarita Sazonova, from NEC "Ukrenergo" and Serhiy Tyshchenko from PRJSC "MHP" for receiving IIBLC LEAN Green Belt certificates.

And we will see Margarita and Serhiy again soon, at the training of the IIBLC Black Belt level.

If you or your company is interested in training in this direction, get more information at the link: