KROK Business School received the status of exclusive partner IIBLC®

KROK Business School received the status of exclusive partner IIBLC® in Ukraine with the right to conduct exams on LEAN certification IIBLC® - Lean Manufacturing!

IIBLC® - INTERNATIONAL INDEPENDENT BOARD FOR LEAN CERTIFICATION - International Independent Qualification Council for LEAN Certification - Lean Manufacturing.

IIBLC® was established in 2009 and today conducts independent LEAN certification in 10+ countries on 4 continents. Since 2009, over 1600 specialists worldwide (Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Great Britain and other countries in Europe, Africa and South America) have confirmed their knowledge and received the appropriate level of LEAN IIBLC® Certification.

IIBLC® is the world LEAN Certification Leader, sets standards and offers objective, independent confirmation of knowledge and skills in LEAN strategy - Lean Production worldwide. The program is universal: it covers all aspects of LEAN: production, services, healthcare, engineering, etc.

The certificate confirms that its owner has a certain level of knowledge and skill in accordance with the level of certification obtained. Certification has a unique high level of quality, since IIBLC®'s board of directors includes internationally recognized experts in the field of LEAN, who collect best practices, adapt and constantly update the content solely for this program.

Certification covers all levels of management and consists of three consecutive levels: 

Schedule of exams for upcoming Fall 2018:

Exam date

Deadline for Registration to Pass Exam

September 15 2018

August 11 2018

December 15 2018

November 11 2018

The results of the exam will be available no later than 6 weeks after the date of the exam.

For more information on the procedure for taking exams and preparation options for certification, you can find out on our website or write us

The first LEAN IIBLC® Certification Exam in Ukraine will be held on September 15, 2018, at the following address: Kyiv, ul. Lagernaya, KROK Business School

Deadline for Registration of candidates is August 11, 2018.