KROK Business School — is a partner of the IX National Forum of Accountants and Auditors B - FUTURE

We are pleased to invite you to our partner's event - IX National Forum of Accountants and Auditors "B - FUTURE" by the Council of Independent Accountants and Auditors.

The IX National Forum of Accountants and Auditors "B-FUTURE" is devoted to the future of accounting profession. As this profession in Ukraine is increasingly experiencing shock deep than ever before.

The professional "B-FUTURE" platform is a discussion platform, a reliable guide for every accountant or auditor, a great opportunity to look into the future and feel what changes the profession, business, government and society should expect.

7 key reasons to visit B-FUTURE

  • Do you want to look into the accounting future? Do not hesitate, it is amazing!
  • Do you lack professional knowledge and skills? Come and discuss why you should learn and what skills should be mastered.
  • Do you dream of building a successful career? Then you should get rid of the counters, as full process automation is our common future.
  • IQ or EQ? Studies prove that people with high level of emotional intelligence (EQ) build a successful career and get a higher salary. Want to know how to develop an EQ? We know!
  • Social elevators: how do they work and which qualities help specialists growing from an ordinary accountant to a financial director, CEO or even a Minister?
  • How to understand your manager and meet his expectations as much as possible? In a word, how to become an irreplaceable accountant for a business? We will ask CEO!

The future comes much faster if you face it! Let's meet it together!

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