Ukraine of the future - PROsocial business

KROK Business School has been a member of the UN PRME - UN principles of responsible management education since 2018, and therefore compares its sustainability strategy with market demands and its best practices. The Ukrainian market, businesses, entrepreneurs, and we, business educators, despite the war, or vice versa, in spite of it, do not lose our interest in the development of sustainability and social responsibility of business.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine, of which KROK Business School is a member, together with the NGO "Mariupol Youth Union" on the order of the International Organization for Migration conducts the training program "Ukraine of the future - PROsocial business", which aims to support business, promote the emergence and development of socially responsible business , support and involvement of people from vulnerable population groups in business processes, the number of which has increased significantly as a result of the military aggression of the russian federation against Ukraine, as well as help businesses in attracting additional financial resources for the development of social responsibility. Lyudmila Kosovych, a teacher and researcher at KROK Business School, took part in the online training "How to grow and scale in modern conditions", which took place on September 7, 2023. During the event, there was a useful expert conversation in the direction of sustainability and social responsibility of business.

All participants expressed a sincere interest in building a responsible business. The training program is implemented with the financial support of the Government of Japan

And we invite businesses and entrepreneurs to the KROK Business School for training in order to help you grow and scale even more actively.

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