July 26, 2017, it was taken place the presentation of the updated Mini MBA BSK Program, as well as the master class "New Challenges for Modern Management" by Alexander Poddenezhny.

July 26, 2017 Business School KROK (BSK) successfully presented the updated Mini MBA Program and the conditions for recruitment to the 15th anniversary group.

The Mini MBA program is one of the most popular business education programs. It is an excellent and time-tested tool for professional development, personal growth and gaining a strategic, systemic view of important things and understanding the holistic picture of how business works. In addition, training on the Mini MBA helps you analyze your strengths and weaknesses, understand what skills you need to develop, what your competitive advantage is, what skills and talents are in demand now, and what will be needed in the future and how to develop them.

Within the framework of the presentation, a master class "New Challenges for Modern Management" was held. The master class was conducted by Alexander Poddenezhny, instructor of the module "Strategic Management" of the Mini MBA. Alexander shared with the participants of the event the secrets of managing change in the modern world, as well as ways to work effectively in new realities. During the master class participants had the opportunity to receive useful, relevant and interesting information, discuss problem areas and questions.

We hope that the participants and the business coach enjoyed the joint active and effective work! In confirmation, some participants have already registered for training in the 15th anniversary group of the Mini MBA, which starts on September 16, 2017 in the format of "Intensive Weekend".

The 15th jubilee group of Mini MBA in BSK is:

  • Obtaining useful and relevant information, knowledge, new useful skills;
  • Communication with instructors by expert practitioners;
  • New professional horizons and opportunities;
  • Implementation of the idea through training individual project and professional recommendations from experts;
  • Testing ideas, acquaintances and colleagues from other industries, professional communication.

For those who plan to attend the Mini MBA program, we inform that the next presentation of the program will be held on August 29, 2017 at 19.00. All participants of the presentation are guaranteed a 15% discount in connection with the anniversary set 15. See you!