International Mediators of BSK - KROK Business School

KROK Business School faculty Oksana Sedashova, Svetlana Stadnyk, Inna Dolyanovska, Oleg Tryboy, Anna Zubachova, participants of EU ERASMUS+ MEDIATS Project successfully completed the full course for trainers from the Netherlands Business Academy according the International Master Mediation Federation program. Upon completion of the training participants received degrees of International Counsellor of Mediation and International Certified Mediator accordingly. The training was held for two weeks at the University of Turiba (Riga, Latvia) and the Catholic University of St. Anthony (Murcia, Spain) as a part of the European Union's Erasmus + MEDIATS project. Practitioners- mediators from the Netherlands, Latvia and Spain transferred their knowledge for participants from Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Georgia, who learned 250 hours of mediation theory and practice, and at the end they completed an exam, where they demonstrated the mediator's skills acquired during the training. A feature of the training was a large number of simulations, constant feedback on the skills assessment not only from teachers, but also from colleagues, and pair and group interaction. The next step of the training will be the transfer of knowledge to the instructors involved in the "Master of Mediation and Conflict Management" program, as well as the creation a strategy for the development of mediation in Ukraine.

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