Interactive seminars for TOTAL Ukraine employees

KROK Business School continues to make its intellectual contribution to the development of companies in Ukraine.

On September 10, 2021, in honor of the anniversary of Total's presence in Ukraine, Dr. Oksana Sedashova, Associate Professor of KROK Business School, held interactive seminars for the company's employees on "Soft Skills: Development in the IV Industrial Revolution" and "On the way to a dream: how to set goals and to reach them ". Employees of the company, participants of the seminars received information about current trends that affect the development of personality, analyzed their own professional skills, made a plan for the development of the necessary skills, learned about the right goal setting and self-motivation to achieve them. An important task for both participants and the coach was to strengthen team spirit.

We are happy to learn that global companies in the Ukrainian market see the development of their business through the growth of employees, because people are important. People are the energy through which businesses increase their profits. The value of paying attention to staff development, caring for them, nurturing their talents - this is the best way today to economic well-being.

Total Energies is an international company operating in 150 countries and is one of the four largest oil and gas companies in the world. Total Ukraine is a team of ambitious, energetic and purposeful specialists who strive for constant development and search for new effective forms of achieving goals.

We thank Total Ukraine for the trust, we wish success and new professional achievements to all employees!