In October 2018 the family of students and graduates of the MBA programs at BSK received the new members.

The profile of the GMBA and MBA IT groups is the following: the average age of students - 39 years old, managerial experience over 10 years. Middle and top managers of Ukrainian and international companies, entrepreneurs will study in the group together. Moreover, the share of Ukrainian entrepreneurs in the group increased to 40%. The geography coverage of MBA programs has increased and in addition to Kiev BSK MBA student's family is now represented in Vinnitsya, Bila Tzcerkva and Lviv. Among the industries in which our students work are service companies, manufacturing, telecommunications. As usual, the gender composition is dominated by men - 75%. 30% of students of the group have 2 higher education.

Detailed information about the profile of the group can be found here.

We are pleased that in the country there are some people who understand and share our values ​​and believe in that the education does business and the world around us better and more civilized. It is a long and not easy way to go that is full of meeting new people, discoveries, impressions, positive emotions!

BSK team congratulates a group of MBA students, intake of fall 2018 with the start of program and wishes to believe in themselves, their abilities and talents.

We thank our students for their trust and the choice of General MBA programs and MBA IT, wish fulfillment and believe that the program will help in achieving the ambitious goals of each student MBA BSK!