Human Capital Forum 2019: People are your capital

The Forum has been held for the eighth consecutive year. And every year we select the most relevant topics in the Human Resources area. We decided to dedicate this year's event to the culture of organizations in the broadest sense of the word.

The current trends in the spread of IT in business have inspired us to create the People and Jobs block. Soon artificial intelligence will start working in every office, not necessarily in the form of jobs - but it will take on more and more tasks. Robot Resources Management will need to be added to the Human Resources Management competencies. What new opportunities and challenges do artificial intelligence bring to people? Let's listen together to real Ukrainian corporate cases.

The fast-paced reality is increasingly demanding the transformation of organizational culture. Such challenges are from time to time faced by all companies looking to grow and take on new scales or face technological or economic challenges. The six star speakers will share personal experiences of transformation processes: how to prevent mistakes at the start, achieve quick wins, and flush out new leaders.

It is people who are the capital and the driving force behind economic success and breakthrough, because human capital is an asset of knowledge, ability and skills that can be used by a person and a company to achieve their goals. The right people with the right values ​​and abilities in the right place and at the right time is the deep secret of success in any business. Therefore, the topic of personal effectiveness of the employee we have separated a special block. How to prevent stress and burnout - a culture of happiness, good nutrition, sports and sex will help! We will pay special attention to the latter in an hour-long discussion with star specialists.

The environment in which companies operate is changing rapidly, so companies have to adopt a flexible culture that welcomes constant change. Therefore, Flexible Organizational Structures is an extremely important unit of the Forum program. How and who managed to do this - learn from the real corporate cases and the hour-long panel discussion on the second day at lunch.

The forum is for business owners and executives, directors and HR managers, development directors. For the experienced and those just starting out. For those who are confident, the success of a company depends on how persistently and effectively you invest in your people, in your managerial culture and organizational development.

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