General MBA Success Story: Dmitry Kovshun - owner of Luxeo


Dmitry is a 2018 graduate of the KROK General MBA BSK program. During his studies, Dmitry acquired the necessary knowledge for business that is confirmed by real digitized results - the company's profit has more than doubled, Dmitry said this himself in an interview


Dmitry Kovshun is the owner of Luxeo, the creator of the predictive analytics service Gogetrank, who participated in the battle of startups in 2018 and took 3rd place.

Over the 4 years of the company's existence, Dmitry managed to work with many famous brands and companies. Most famous:

  • DHL Global Forwarding - international delivery of bulky goods

  • Ambassador - popular coffee brand

  • Royal Cidre - premium cider brand

  • Телеканал Солнце - entertainment tv channel

  • Bodo - an online store that gives impressions

Separately, I want to note that Luxeo also specializes in medical topics, which is one of the most competitive, as it is quite complex and specific in terms of promotion.

Popular medical projects that have been advanced in the TOP Google and Yandex:

  • - one of the largest Russian catalogs of clinics and doctors

  • - German medicine clinic in Ukraine

  • - the second site of the Good Forecast Clinic specializing in oncology

  • - medical startup in Ukraine, which in a short time, thanks to Luxeo, has risen to the TOP-10 for many search queries.

Dmitry and Luxeo managed to work with hundreds of sites of various subjects: landing pages, small and large online stores, service sites, newsletters, etc.


In addition to career achievements, Dmitry speaks at various Conferences, such as: ecommerce, dvoma, guruconf, etc., at which to share his knowledge and experience with novice marketers and business owners. Dmitry has already managed to speak on Europa Plus radio and every day conquers more and more peaks.

The KROK Business School team is proud of its graduate and continues to follow Dmitry's successes further!