Discussion «Commercial Mediation: Major Market Challenges in 2021»

Date: June 9th. Time: 14:00 (in the city of Almaty). 11:00 in Kiev

The Center for Mediation and Law "PARASAT" (Almaty, Kazakhstan) and the International Center for Mediation at the KROK Business School (Kiev, Ukraine) are holding a joint discussion on the topic: "Commercial mediation: the main challenges of the market in 2021".

The following topics are planned to be discussed at the event:

  • Major changes and approaches in the profession of a mediator in 2021;

  • What are the changes in business in the world and how does this affect commercial mediation itself?

  • New trends in commercial mediation;

  • What skills mediators should develop in 2021 in order to successfully conduct commercial mediation;

  • Difficulties in conducting commercial mediation;

  • How to find clients for commercial mediation.

Speakers entering from Ukraine will be:

Leading mediators from Kazakhstan will take part in the discussion.

The event is planned on the ZOOM platform.

We invite mediators and all interested individuals to join discussion.

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