Development of partnership with the National Association of Mediators of Ukraine and the Association of Mediators of Georgia

KROK Business School continues to develop partnerships in the field of mediation. We have good news for the community! Memorandums of cooperation were recently signed with the Association of Mediators of Georgia and the National Association of Mediators of Ukraine. Interaction and cooperation involve a variety of activities and are aimed at organizing joint events for the professional development of mediators, as well as at forming a culture of using alternative methods of conflict/dispute resolution in Ukraine.

The joint desire of the parties to develop research on the use of mediation is also declared!

The International Mediation Center of the KROK Business School is entrusted with coordinating the interaction between partners. We are sincerely grateful to our partners for their openness and common desire to develop the institution of mediation and conflict resolution in Ukraine.

Taking this opportunity, we would like to remind you that recruitment is underway for two levels of education at the KROC Business School: Basic Mediator Skills and Master of Mediation and Conflict Resolution. Classes start on November 5, 2022.

More information and registration at the link: