Creative thinking is my superpower

"Creative thinking is my superpower" - this was the name of the open lecture for members of the Dnipro branch of the European Business Association, which took place on April 17. The event took place within the framework of the partnership of KROK Business School and the European Business Association and during the World Creativity and Innovation Week - 2023.

Lecturer Oksana Sedashova - Associate Professor of KROK Business School, International Ambassador for Creativity in Ukraine, revealed the importance of applying creative thinking to solve business problems, creation of competitive advantages, new products and services. Representatives of Ukrainian and international companies were particularly interested in the characteristics of creative thinking, the criteria for selecting the best ideas, as well as the reasons why employees do not submit ideas for the development of the company. Of course, the possibility of using artificial intelligence to search for creative ideas was not without discussion. We are sure that as many people as possible will want to develop creative thinking in Ukraine - in order to create an innovative type of corporate culture and bring the country to a higher level of the global innovation index.