Creative thinking in business for the OKKO filling station network

Business School KROK receives requests from international and national companies to conduct corporate training on different actual topics throughout the wartime . The strength of Ukrainian business lies in the fact that it strives not only to survive, but also to develop in the face of all challenges: to enter international markets, update the portfolio of products and services, and find out innovative solutions to existing problems. A workshop on creative thinking in business was held by the KROK Business School for one of the leaders in the oil and gas industry, the OKKO gas station chain. Oksana Sedashova, business coach, International Ambassador for Creativity in Ukraine delivered a workshop and created conditions for the maximum disclosure of the creative potential of employees in the field of marketing, PR and communications. The workshop participants understood under what conditions the generation of ideas would be successful, mastered practical tools for finding innovative breakthrough solutions, understood how to choose criteria for testing dominant ideas. Now they have the technological tools to make the process of creating new solutions and innovations consistent, easy and efficient.

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