Creating value

One of the most important tools for the functioning of the Lean - Manufacturing is the organization of the Value Creation Flow, that allows performing an analysis of the current state and describing the future state of the value creation flow. The skills of working with the Value Stream Mapping were comprehended by the participants of the Green Belt Exam Preparation Program (CGBL®) by Lean IIBLC® on May 11-12 during the second module with Roman Romantsov, business trainer. During the training, students learned the basic principles of this approach, performed the mapping of the value stream, realizing at this time all the structural elements and indicators not only of the current state of this process, but also of the future. The value stream is often compared with the river flow: it has its own speed and power. The knowledge and skills of systematically organizing workplaces (5S) will help to adjust these indicators, use data visualization, and implement a quick changeover (SMED) and pulling system according to the needs of the Customer. Such a thorough preparation allows you to qualitatively prepare for the official CGBL® exam for Lean IIBLC® (Green Belt for Lean), which will be held on June 14th.

All interested in the international confirmation of their knowledge in the field of Lean Manufacturing are invited to submit an application for training. The next group starts on August 3, 2019. Join the community of certified Lean-experts!