Corporate management training for Logistic Plus

On October 9-10, 2020, a corporate training for Logistic Plus was held on the topic "Management. Development of managerial competencies". Together with Oksana Demchenko, a business coach, the participants learned the basic elements of an effective management system from goal setting to evaluation of achieved results, analyzed their own managerial mistakes and models, and discussed how to develop managerial flexibility. The participants were very interested in the issues of team motivation, testing the system of intangible motivation.

16 hours of active discussions, practical tasks, analysis of one's own experience, exchange of knowledge and reflection on what was learned during the training - all this was given to Logistic Plus employees under the moderation of Oksana Demchenko.

During the training, participants drew up an individual action plan and made a mini-SWOT analysis, on the basis of which they will further develop the company's activities.

How useful was the training and the level of teaching skills can be understood from the reviews, among them:

“Without exaggeration - the best training I've been to! Thank you very much for the fact that 16 hours flew by unnoticed, it was interesting! Thank you very much for the training, for submitting the content "

We thank Logistic Plus for choosing KROK Business School as the provider of the corporate program. Special thanks to Oksana Demchenko for the development and implementation of a modern, high-quality program, the ability to involve and train. And we wish all participants success in the implementation of the plan!

We remind you that KROK Business School has significant experience in working with corporate clients in various sectors of the economy.

Training programs for companies are special projects that take into account the needs of the company, which are developed for specific goals, objectives and customer groups. Programs for companies help to solve current problems of a specific business, both at the level of individual teams and at the level of the company as a whole.

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