Constructive Solutions Marathon. Business game

April 15, 2020 13:00 – 16:00

Game facilitator - Oksana Demchenko

Since 2000 in the field of T&D. Business coach in various business areas: telecommunications market, banking, commercial and industrial enterprises in Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, etc.

The author of more than 10 programs for the development of informed leadership, effective management, effective communications. Since 2017, an international consultant accredited by the EBRD. Instructor in the courses “Effective Management” and “Constructive Business Communications” for GMBA at KROK Business School.


  1. To develop the flexibility of thinking in the search and implementation of ideas
  2. To realize personal limiting attitudes, to master the methods of overcoming barriers
  3. Expand the tools for generating new ideas

Short description

What skills are need today to succeed in any job? The ability to look at the situation from different angles, proactivity, the ability to generate breakthrough decisions, the ability to work together in a team. You can start to develop these skills by visiting Oksana Demchenko’s business constructive solutions marathon. A business coach will give teams of participants the task of creating innovation, and you will need to not only create something new, but also do it according to the specified parameters, taking into account the opinion of each team member and reaching an agreement.

As a result of participating in a business game, attenders:

  1. Work out proactivity in achieving results with limited resources
  2. Strengthen the ability to engage others in the search for a custom solution
  3. Define strengths and deltas in the development of their own creativity
  4. Since creativity is a habit, participants will learn to create the necessary emotional state (interest, curiosity, joy) to find a non-trivial solution or to get out of difficult situations
  5. Pump up the creative muscle and determine ways to eliminate the enemies of creativity: “internal critic”, perfectionism, procrastination, etc.
  6. A business game is limited in time and resources and this will allow participants to dispel the stereotype that “thinking outside the box” is only possible in the right space, with serious internal motivation.

Where can this knowledge be applied?

  1. In any business of the company / in the NGO / volunteer sector, where you need to change your approach and make breakthroughs.
  2. When optimizing or creating new business processes, when implementing changes, when developing improvements to customer experience, etc.
  3. In life in general, since participants will be able to take a fresh look at the environment, see opportunities, not obstacles, they will be able to quickly adapt to continuous innovation.