Conscious time management program for MDA Trade employees

It is symbolic that the year ends with a time management training!

On December 23, 2021, KROK Business School implemented a corporate training program on the topic "Conscious Time Management" for the employees of MDA Trade. The training was conducted by Anastasia Spitsina, BSK Instructor and business coach. Anastasia, as the author of the program, shared the learning outcomes and what the participants received for 8 hours of work in the classroom:

  • 21 + instruments in the piggy bank for each participant. Moreover, we managed to transfer practices for personal time management, but also to resolve issues of team time management.
  • 17 satisfied participants.
  • Balance between practice and theory. All practices are live and working. Just do it. 20% of the proposed will increase personal efficiency and team work by 80%.
  • Engagement is measured not only by the phrases "oh, that's it, the time flew by with you as one Instant", "cool, I'm not even tired, I usually fall asleep", "everything is in one breath, because the formats of theory and practice were nicely combined." Activity, questions, courage to experiment and test new roles.
  • Median scores for control testing is 110 out of 150. There is something to work with further.
  • Well, the lucky ones played with the coach in the pre-New Year game Warm Letters.

KROK Business School thanks MDA Trade for their trust in choosing a training provider and we are always ready to help people in business, managers and teams to be more effective, productive and, most importantly, happy.

You can order a corporate training program at the link