Business. Diia. MeetUp with Valeria Ionan, deputy minister of digital transformation of Ukraine

On July 22, 2020, the KROK Business School community met with Valeria Ionan, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation, on the implementation of the Business.Diia. project.

The purpose of the project is to develop the business ecosystem in Ukraine and provide new, digital tools to help entrepreneurs.

The meeting was held in a "question-answer" format. Here are the feedback we received after the meeting:

"In a nutshell: You are an entrepreneur and believe that radical changes are needed at this stage of your business. For example: You understand that your organizational structure is not effective or you need to radically change your views on the concept of your strategic and operational marketing, accounting and e-commerce ... Intellectual property protection and much more. Everyone has their own gaps. You go to the site leave a request

You will be contacted by a specialist in this field with 3 years of experience, who is accredited by the #ActionBusiness team and you will fill in the brief together.

After a while you get the so-called "Road Map" - a document with instructions and an algorithm for "troubleshooting" in your business))

And there are many other cool services on the site.

I recommend to visit) I will definitely use the service. "

Maxim Klevanik

"There is still light, even if there are few such projects and they are not actively talked about, but they are.

Do you know the essence of this project? I really want to have more practical, bold entrepreneurs in Ukraine) Take care of yourself and Ukraine) "

Oksana Demchenko

"Is this a state portal that will really help me in business?" - So!" With these words meets I recommend to look. It looks like a good step in creating an ecosystem for the development of small and medium-sized businesses from the Ministry of Finance"

Halyna Sasin

"I just attended MeetUp with Valeria Ionan, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation. The project Action.Business and free consulting of entrepreneurs were discussed. It was nice to hear about this idea from a person who went the real way of an entrepreneur and developed it all through his own experience. I had the opportunity to discuss the implementation of the self-governing system model of this project and, accordingly, its transparency. In general, I want to note that I am pleasantly surprised to communicate with such an intelligent and open person. Thank you"

Tatiana Sandler

And of course, a collective photo in memory! We thank Valeria Ionan for the meeting, openness, energy and positivity. We wish success to the Business.Diia project. and development of entrepreneurship in Ukraine.