Business breakfast “Facilitation Tools in LEAN Management”

Date: 04/23/2020. Time: 10:00-12:00

The event will be held in online format

  • Have studied all available information about LEAN and Kaizen?
  • Started implementing LEAN principles in your company?
  • Initiated a massive transformation in the organization and hope to streamline all processes?
  • Everything looked fine at the beginning, but people start to resist the changes?
  • Managers do not hear either you or each other?
  • Personnel does not understand what is going on and do not believe that changes are possible?
  • How to find an approach to people, hear them, take into account their opinion and organize teamwork to develop organizational decisions?

The solution already exist! To use of the facilitation technologies in Lean management!

On April 23, 2020 during a business breakfast in a workshop format, we will discuss a number of issues of using facilitation tools in Lean management:

  • Why do people resist to changes?
  • Whey do people do not feel being involved in the changes?
  • What is facilitation? Basic principles and technologies?
  • What and why to facilitate at the enterprise?
  • In what cases is facilitation necessary, and in which not?
  • How to organize a dialogue with employees aimed at developing organizational solutions and approaches?
  • What facilitation skills do LEAN managers need to develop?
  • Can one get these skills trained?

During the Lean breakfast, there will be presented most effective methods of the facilitation and simulated a facilitation on a sample LEAN process.


Roman Romantsov, MBA, CGBL, IPMA Senior Project Manager, business coach, business consultant in the field of Supply Chain Management and implementation of Lean Production (Lean, Kaizen), Lean IIBLC® examination center manager in Ukraine. He has experience in implementing Lean projects at various enterprises in Ukraine.

Oksana Sedashova, PhD, MP NLP, psychologist, business trainer, certified facilitator, International Counsellor of Mediation, Creativity & Soft Skills expert.

Registration fee - 300 UAH.

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