#BSKVectorSkills: Business strategy through the prism of systems thinking.

Date: July 8, 2020. Time: 16:00

Format: Online. Languages: Ukrainian, Russian

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast." Peter Drucker said this at a meeting with Ford executives back in 2005. Until we learn to look at the creation and planning of a company's strategy through the prism of systems thinking, we will not be able to understand the real meaning of this phrase.

A systematic view of planning and implementing a business strategy helps managers identify what is actually hindering the creation and implementation of a company's strategy.

By learning to apply systems thinking, managers will be able to identify barriers and find leverage to effectively engage all the company's resources to successfully achieve results.

During the master class:

  • Participants will mention the basic principles of systems thinking in application to strategic planning
  • Get an example of practical application of the principles of systems thinking for business strategy analysis
  • Try to apply the principles of systems thinking to improve strategy and tactics in business and in life

Author - Olena Khomenko, Doctor of Business Administration, Lecturer in Strategic Solutions MBA Business School KROK

Objective - To present a view of business strategy through the prism of systems thinking to understand how best to plan and effectively implement the strategy in business and in life.

Warning! At the end of the master class you will be able to learn more about studying at the KROK Business School programs

Terms of participation

  • The cost of participation in registration before July 7 - 150 UAH. On the day of the 200 UAH.
  • There is always a discount for students and graduates of KROK Business School.