BSK MeetUp «Global Changes and Adaptive Intelligence. New Challenges for Management of Ukrainian Companies»

Date: 08/17/2019. Time: 11:00-13:30

Location: Kiev, st. Tabirna, 30-32, (m. Beresteyskaya)

Format: Panel Discussion

Nothing is more permanent than change. The world is changing rapidly, new technologies are being introduced, and tectonic shifts are occurring in some areas of human activity recently. Change management is commonplace for those engaged in business and entrepreneurship. Psychologist Jean Piaget talked about the adaptive nature of thinking: people tend to change reality when faced with problems. Instead of obeying the environment, manager actively transforms it. This phenomenon is called the adaptive nature of intelligence, and today, in an era of change, the value of adaptive thinking or adaptive intelligence comes to the force. Does the manager and business leader have an ability to use the necessary knowledge and skills to react quickly to changes? The manager and the entrepreneur should ask such questions in order to develop adaptive intelligence:

  • What global changes are occurring in the business environment?
  • How will these changes affect the company, staff, and customers?
  • How manager will act properly managing changes?
  • What skills, habits, knowledge will help me to be successful in new conditions?
  • Do traditional economics, management and marketing approaches work in new conditions?
  • What should be my development strategy and plan of my actions?
  • How to develop adaptive intelligence?

We invite you to join discussion during the meeting ""Global Changes and Adaptive Intelligence. New Challenges for Management of Ukrainian Companies", which will take place at BSK - KROK Business School on August 17, 2019.


Olga Karpova, CEO of KROK Business School

Natalia Kalinina, PhD, MBA, Certified international business coach, lecturer of MBA programs, Mini MBA, MGBM, Executive HRM.

Oksana Sedashova, PhD, Mini MBA Academic Leader

After the discussion, a presentation of the KROK Business School programs will be held for everyone.

Registration fee: 150 UAH.