BSK develops project management with budgeting basics at ALEF Estate

Over 4 days in October 2020, a group of managers, project managers and employees from different divisions of ALEF Estate, Dnipro, took part in a training program on "Project Management in Construction with the Basics of Budgeting". The task of the training program was to develop project proposals for further implementation in the company after a thorough study of various topics, such as defining the main characteristics of the project, organizational structures, planning stages, scheduling, budgeting, managing project costs and their quality. Victor Morozov, professor, professional project manager and guest trainer of the KROK Business School has developed and conducted a corporate training program that takes into account the specifics of the construction industry and the company's business. The result of the training was the presentation of real projects developed by three groups of participants.

The presented projects were assessed by the trainer and company management. The participants of the program received important and useful information, developed projects that are planned to be implemented to increase the efficiency of the company and enhance its competitiveness.

We would like to thank ALEF Estate for choosing BSK as a provider of corporate training on "Project Management in Construction with Budgeting Basics" and wish ALEF Estate company successful implementation of current and future plans and projects.

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